NAIC Womens games were in Neptune on last Saturday.

Cork Ladies opened the tournament with a win over Kilkenny South East by two points. They followed up with a hard fought win over Dublin by nine . They finished their section with a convincing win over Midlands.

The final was a Cork v Dublin which saw a first half closely fought and Dublin leading by one at half time.

Dublin dominated the third quarter that left Cork chasing the game. Despite their best efforts Cork were second best to Dublin team that deserved their victory.

Cork Team: Ballincollig ,Jenn Dinan, Niamh O’Connell , Chinwe Ojini,Samantha Coomey  . Glanmire, Audrey Scanlon, Emily O’Callaghan, Jessica Quirke. Carraig na bhFear Meave Humphries. Mallow  Karen O’Halloran. Fr. Mathews, Sinead O’Mahony. EC Glenmary Maria White. Coach Sandie Fitzgibbons, Ast Coach Terri Dowling Manager Sharon Doyle.