CLBB Committee and with the assistance of Clubs will be introducing a number of new initiatives for the 2017/18 season. In order to improve our players, practices and leagues we welcome feedback from coaches & clubs. We would ask clubs to please get behind these initiatives; we can only introduce these new measures with the assistance of our clubs and coaches.


U12, U14 & U16 Coaching/Management recruitment process – All teams will have a Head Coach, Assistant Coach and Team Manager, all Head Coaches must have a minimum of a Level One Qualification, and all assistant coaches must have a minimum of an Introductory Level Qualification. Both coaches and Team Manager must have completed a Child Protection Course. Trials will take place in October 2017, date TBC.

Training will take place once a month, players first priority is to their club. All Clubs are asked to send players to the trials. At U16 no International players.

Recruitment process: Step 1 – Open trials for all eligible players – U12, U14 & U16 in the current season.

Step 2 – Coaching staff will select a development squad with a maximum of 30 players.

Step 3 – These 30 players start their development journey in October 2017. All 30 parents / guardians will be briefed on the programme and commitments at this first session.

Step 4 – All players will get the opportunity to play games. Details TBC.

All players must pre-register for the trials.

An U17 squad will be selected to attend a representative tournament.  All players must pre-register for the trials.

Coaching Seminars CLBB will organise and run four coaching seminars throughout the season; these seminars will be open to all coaches.


With the cooperation of clubs Coaches will be selected by one of the following;

Application to CLBB or the prefer way would be a group session of interested coaches who would

oversee the program with CLBB.

Program will include;

U12/14/16 games home and away with Dublin (minimum)

SHEEHOOPS in Belfast on June weekend 2018. Possibly two teams either two U14 or  U14 and U13.

Easter Monday U14 and U17 Tournament in UL.

Monthly training session in different venues. Clubs would host training sessions and in return club members could partake in the team session or given a hour session for members in return for use of venue.

Possible games abroad. TBC

Basketball Camp with Victory Scholars in April/May date TBC

Coaches will receive travelling expenses.


Players will be expected to fundraise.

A charge of €5 at trials and €2 per training session.

Board are in contact with a major shopping chain to organise events throughout Cork County to raise funds.  In return for helping with fundraising Clubs may receive a percentage of fund raised. One event in February 2018.

Board will cover shortfall in funding.