The EPC held its third meeting in Galway’s Kingfisher Complex last weekend coinciding with the PPSC’s Inter-Regional Schools competitions. Key points to emerge from the meeting were:

  • Some interviews were held for the various Coaching positions currently vacant across the Underage International Squads. Some decisions were made and others will be finalized after the second series of interviews which will be held in Dublin on the evening of November 2nd. Announcement of the full list of appointments will be made as soon as possible after November 2nd.
  • Entries into the U16 & U18 FIBA Euro-Championships of 2016 were approved for Men & Women.
  • Approval was provisionally given for the entry of Mens & Women’s U20 teams into the 2016 Euro-Championships if the EPC can establish that self-funded programmes can be put together. This will need to be done quickly as the closing date for entry is at the end of October. Notices will appear soon on our website and social media.
  • Arrangements for the International Cap presentation ceremony in the National Basketball Arena on Friday 30th October at 6 o’clock were completed.
  • It was agreed that all tournament invitations for international squads must be channeled through Matt Hall, International Liaison Officer, to the EPC.
  • Matt Hall will also handle all dealings with Macron Kits and he is the only point of contact with Macron.
  • The four members of the EPC have agreed to take two underage squads under their direct responsibility as follows-
    U15M & U16W : Jackie Dunne
    U15W & U17M : Noreen O’Connell
    U18M & U18W : Gerry Kelly
    U16M & U17W : Bernard O’Byrne
  • It was agreed that at least one combined coaching and training session for all international squads will be held during the season at a central location. This occasion will also be used for a conference involving all the management teams and the EPC.