The Referees Induction Course is on Tuesday 29th August at 6.30pm in Parochial Hall. This is just a meeting with potential officials to give the information needed and also to get them to fill in the necessary forms. It usually lasts 45 minutes and those that decide to continue will be included in the Introductory Referees Course which will start in October. This is 14 hours of instruction, 90 minute classroom sessions held over 4 – 5 Monday nights in Neptune, and two separate on-court sessions held on Tuesdays in Parochial Hall in November and February. New officials will be expected to referee at the Men’s and ladies’ Board Non Competitive games and tournaments. This is standard practice and gives the officials an opportunity to be introduced to refereeing in less stressful environment. Careful monitoring of Introductory Officials is also used to ensure an easier transition to an aspect of the game that can be more difficult than anticipated.